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Solis-X Solar Rechargeable Lighter

Solis-X Solar Rechargeable Lighter

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Imagine one basic lighter. It’s made from an inconsiderate amount of plastic and lights up using small amounts of either gas or gasoline. The issue is not one lighter itself, but millions of such products that regularly end up in trash or nature.

Here is our green solution - Solis-X

Renewable energy lighter - patent pending

The Solis-X team wants you to use one lighter for years, if not decades. Having the ability to start a fire with Solis-X is a game-changer — as it uses solar energy or electricity to charge.

That way you can always have a fire for your next grill, hiking trip or anything in between. It can also become an essential part of your emergency - survival kit and we can even engrave a special message for a special person as a completely unique present.



Using your new daily lighter:

1. Opening the top lid of your Solis-X lighter 4 LED indicators light up on the right side of the lighter. They indicate the following:

1 indicator on: 0–25% battery left

2 indicators on: 25–50% battery left

3 indicators on: 50–75% battery left

4 Indicators on: 75–100% battery left

2. When charging it via USB, the indicators flash. When all 4 LED indicators are fully on (not flashing), your Solis-X is charged.

3. When charging Solis-X by using sunlight, lift up the top lid to check the battery status (see point 1). It takes 8–15 minutes for one light to charge Solis-X by using solar — depending on the sunlight strength and the angle of the sunrays. Ideally, sunlight should hit the solar panel at 180 degrees for maximum efficiency.

4. Lighting up the Solis-X, lift the lid and touch the ON sign. After the use, just close the lid. Easy-peasy! If you don’t close the lid, after 10 seconds of lighting it will be turned off automatically.

A few Solis-X facts to keep in mind

To enjoy using your Solis-X as long as possible, we suggest you don’t charge it in direct sunlight during the hottest summer days at around noon. In those days charge Solis-X in the morning and evening hours. Additionally, leaving your Solis-X in the hot car is a no-no!

Recommended battery charging temperature: 32–118.4°F, 0–48°C

Recommended battery working temperature: -4–140°F, -20–60°C

Change the paradigm with Solis-X!

Made by Green-Energy-Gagdgets!

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The lighter works very well. On sunny days you don't need to charge it at all. Good for camping and so on...

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