Green energy has the answer to a lot of our power-related problems including environment,cost-effectiveness, and energy conservation. Our mission is to leave a lasting legacy of ecological sustainability by utilizing our expertise in electronics and renewable energy.

We are dedicated towards making the world a greener place for generations to come!

Thank you for choosing us to power your life with green energy lighter! We appreciate your commitment to helping the environment.

Our Product

What we do

In conclusion, we are serious when it comes to making quality eco-friendly products. We understand the importance of doing our part to create a better, greener world and that's why we take great pride in our craftsmanship. That's why we bring you the Solis-X Solar Rechargeable Lighter. Our lighter is second to none and will last for years to come so you can light up your life without compromise. So don't be afraid to give it a try and check it out today!


Solar Rechargeable Lighter

We ensure that each of our lighters meets our standards for quality and performance. The Solis-X Solar Rechargeable Lighter has passed these tests with flying colors! It is easy to use, reliable, and highly efficient.

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    Dual charging, SOLAR + USB. Windproff, Easylight, Overcharge protection. Ideal for all outdoor activities, camping, hiking, fishing. It can also become an essential part of your emergency - survival kit



Solis-X Facts

Green energy for your next adventure

You can always have a fire for your next grill, hiking trip or anything in between.

Having the ability to start a fire with Solis-X is a game-changer — as it uses solar energy or electricity to charge.

For five months of every day use, we only had to charge Solis-X twice - on rainy days! Just two or three hours in the sunshine was enough to give us an amazing 15-25 lights.